Accessibility measures

 Do you have special requirements?

The Théâtre de Carouge offers free services to make our shows accessible to a wider audience.

As of February 2021, the Théâtre de Carouge bears the Inclusive Culture classification. For more information visit kulturinklusiv.ch.

Detailed practical information regarding accessiblity at the Théâtre de Carouge is available on culture-accessible.ch.



For accessibility:
Olga Timofeeva
Accessibility manager
+41 77 211 97 76

For reservations:
Nathalie Lelièvre
Ticket office manager
+41 22 343 43 43

Reduced mobility

The Théâtre de Carouge is accessible for wheelchair-users.

Main room
There are 6 wheelchair spaces in the main room. These are located at the ends of row D at the bottom of the auditorium and row Q at the top of the auditorium. The Theatre may add more as space permits. Row D is accessed directly from the first floor, and Row Q by elevator.
SEAting plan

small room
In the small room, 4 wheelchair spaces are provided in the front row. The Theatre may add more, subject to availability. Access is direct from the first floor.

Reserve a place

To reserve tickets, please contact the box office directly.
By e-mail: billetterie@theatredecarouge.ch
By phone: +41 22 343 43 43
On site: Rue Ancienne 37 A, Carouge
Tuesday to Friday 12h-18h
Monday and Saturday closed

In order to welcome you in the best possible way and to guarantee a seat for you and your companion, it is essential to inform the Theatre at the time of booking, at least one day before the performance.

Blind and visually impaired Blind and visually impaired

The theatre offer performances with audiodescriptions and touch tours.

This proposal is made in partnership with the association Ecoute voir and So Close.

Dates and reservations

In partnership with Ecoute Voir:


Friday, September 8, 2023
Performance begins 9:00 pm
Opera theater accessible without audiodescription: with an introduction to the show and a tour of the set

Saturday, September 9, 2023
Performance begins 4:00 pm
With a movement exploration workshop

L’Usage du Monde
Sunday, January 21, 2024
Show starts at 5:30 pm
With set visit

To reserve your place, contact the Ecoute Voir association directly: AD@ecoute-voir.org ou +41 79 893 26 15

In partnership with So Close:

A special day
Friday, October 6
Saturday, October 7
With set visit

The Suicide, a Soviet vaudeville
Thursday, March 14
Friday March 15
With set visit

To reserve your place, contact the So Close association directly: associationsoclose@gmail.com or +41 78 625 43 43

What you need to know:

  • For the companion of a blind or partially-sighted person, admission is free for all performances, even those without audiodescription.
  • Guide dogs are allowed during performances, subject to availability.
  • To ensure the best possible welcome and guarantee a seat for you, your companion or your dog, it is essential to inform the Theatre at the time of booking or at least one day before the performance.




Deaf and hard of hearing Deaf and hard of hearing

The theatre offers performances subtitled (surtitled) in French and English.

The theatre offers performances surtitled in French and English, making the joy of theatre accessible to hard-of-hearing and English-speaking patrons in the greater Geneva area.

Only on the dates indicated below, the theater offers surtitles in English and French on surtitle tablets.
The tablets are very easy to use, and you can read the surtitles from any seat in the auditorium.
To use a tablet, you need to book it in advance. Read the procedure below.

Surtitles are projected above the stage only on the dates indicated below, and only if the set design permits.
To comfortably read surtitles projected above the stage, your seat should be centered, in the upper part of the auditorium.
For optimum placement : SEATING PLAN


Surtitle dates and info

September 26, 30, October 6
Subtitles available on tablet only

A special day
October 17, 18, 21
Subtitles available on tablet only

November 25, 28, December 1
Information to come

The way of the world
December 5, 9, January 10
Subtitles available on tablet only

The False Servant
January 12th
Surtitles / subtitles projected above the stage and on tablet

January 27, 30, February 2
Information to come

The Suicide, a Soviet vaudeville
March 3, 5
Information to come

I am Frehel
March 19, 22, 23
Subtitles available on tablet only

Book a tablet
  • Reserve your seat for a show with subtitles
  • When you make your reservation, let the box office know that you need a tablet.
    By e-mail: billetterie@theatredecarouge.ch
    By phone: +41 22 343 43 43
    On site: Rue Ancienne 37 A, Carouge
    Tuesday to Friday 12h-18h
    Monday and Saturday closed
  • 30 minutes before the show, ask for the tablet at reception, in exchange for your ID.
  • After the show, return the tablet to reception and pick up your ID.
Show without words

Bells and Spells is a show without words. By Victoria Thierrée Chaplin, with Aurélia Thierrée, From April 17 to May 5 2024

Book now

The Theatre suggests using the Listen EVERYWHERE application
Discover the 3 possibilities of Listen EVERYWHERE

The Listen EVERYWERE wifi system only works in the room. Don’t try to connect before entering the room, it won’t work.

Each room has its own network:
For the main room : TS-GS-LISTEN
For the small room : TS-PS-LISTEN


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 077 211 97 76 to check the compatibility of your device with our accessibility manager before the show.

When you reserve your place, don’t hesitate to tell the ticket office what you need.
By e-mail: billetterie@theatredecarouge.ch
By phone: +41 22 343 43 43
On site: Rue Ancienne 37 A, Carouge
Tuesday to Friday 12h-18h
Monday and Saturday closed

People with mental disabilities

The Theatre organizes occasional RELAX evenings.

During a Relax evening:
We’ll welcome you and tell you all about your evening.
We accompany you to your seat, and it’s easy for you to get out if you need to.

Ask Olga Timofeeva about Relax evenings at the Théâtre de Carouge.
Par email accessibilite@theatredecarouge.ch
Par téléphone +41 77 211 97 76

The Relax evenings are coordinated by Out of the Box association.


Date of next Relax evening

C’est quoi la prochaine soirée Relax au Théâtre de Carouge?
C’est le spectacle Zoo Story.
Ce spectacle se joue en plein air et dure environ 1 heure.
Ce spectacles convient à des spectateurs à partir de 12 ans.

C’est quoi l’histoire ?
Peter prend sa pause sur un banc dans un park à New-York.
Il vient ici presque tous les jours.
Mais aujourd’hui un homme inconnu va l’aborder.
Cet homme vient du zoo.
La vie de Peter va changer…
Il y sera question d’un chien, d’une concierge, d’honneur et de territoire…
C’est une histoire inquiétante et drôle.

C’est quand ?
En juin 2024 (dates à venir).

C’est où ?
Ce spectacle se jouera en plein air dans des communes genevoises.

Pour qui ?
L’âge minimum pour aller à ce spectacle est 10 ans.

Ça coûte combien ?
C’est gratuit.

Pour réserver ?
Contactez Olga Timofeeva
Mail : accessibilite@theatredecarouge.ch
Téléphone : 077 211 97 76