Non-French speakers, come and see subtitled plays!

Foreign-language spectators, as well as spectators with hearing impairments, may now fully enjoy performances at the Théâtre de Carouge.


The surtitles in English and in French are projected above the stage

So as to be able read the surtitles confortably, it is important to be seated in the center, in the further part of the auditorium (starting from row P). If you wish to see the performance from closer, we advise you to choose the individual surtitling solution on tablets.

Free access to individual electronic tablets

Spectators can now have access to individual electronic tablets with subtitles, for free, thanks to a new system developed by the Theatre. Currently, this service is available for several productions.

How does the subtitling work

Upon arriving at the theatre, the spectator is issued an electronic tablet that displays subtitles in one of several available languages during the actual performance, usually English or French.

At present, the Theatre de Carouge will have at its disposal enough such electronic tablets equipped with a subtitling system.

Each tablet has a wireless connection to the Theatre’s sound booth, where a specialist controls the streaming of subtitles in sync with the real time performance.